F.F.S Pneumatic Machine

We are manufacturing various range of Filling Machinery like …Pouch Filling Machine for Powder Filling and  Liquid Filling. We offer Best quality Automatic and Semi Automatic Filling Machines.

Our Powder Filling Machineries are mainly used for Packing of Free Flowing Powers  like Granules , Pulses, Beans, Tea, Sugar,  Salt, Rice Etc…  and  Non Free Flowing Powders  such as Spices, Pharmaceutical and Agriculture Powders,  Coffee Powder, Masala Powders, Flours etc.

We are manufacturing FFS Pneumatic and Mechanical type machines for Liquid filling Purpose.



Products Range : Powders (Free Flowing), masalas, Beans, Detergents, Pharamaceutical & Agricultural Powders, Tea, Sugar, Salt, Rice, etc

Filling System : Adjustable telescopic disc columetric cup filler
Type of Seal : Center Seal Center or 4 side seal
Filling Range : 5 grams uo to 1000 Grams

Power : 1/2 H.P Motor 220v AC Single phase

Heater:150 x 2 x 300 x 2

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